We have been appreciated for many years for group travel and now we decided to make a small step forward in tourism configuring our travel agency as the "first tailored journey" in the city! A new dynamic and exclusive service that will try to overlap most of your requirements, whether it is a tailor made trip made just like a suit or if you want a classic package tour.


We want to make the choice of a trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible and at the same time offer an impeccable service through simple and effective measures:

  • working by appointment;
  • meet you where you want, planning your trip. You can choose to call by our beautiful office in Treville where we can discuss your trip over a coffee; meet us in the centre of Castelfranco at "Our travel corner" or brand new idea, we can come to your home and talk in peace.
  • contact us by telephone or by mail through our website or via Facebook, where the travel message boards and deals are constantly updated. This way, we can provide you with our quotes and understand your needs all from the comfort of your armchair. 

We hope to have you intrigued and enticed to try out our new travel service, thanks to you, we would like our concept of "tailored travel agency" to take root and also widen in Castelfranco, allowing us to grow also in this sector.


Following are some proposals of individual trips; for more information and offers click here, please contact  or call us at 0423 472 412.

Destination Period Price from Offer
Vietnam January 23 € 1,490.00 Metamondo
February 27 € 1,490.00
March 19 € 1,490.00
April 23 € 1,490.00
Santo Domingo 22/23/29/30 January € 1,190.00 Veraclub Canoe
5/6/7 February € 1,510.00
12/13/14 February € 1,540.00
Sharm El Sheik January € 460.00 Veraclub Queen Sharm
5/6/7 February € 530.00
February € 560.00
Marsa Alam January € 520.00 Veraclub El Quseir
5/6/7 February € 540.00
February € 590.00
Madagascar 2/9/16/23 February € 1,150.00 Atlantis Club Orangea
01/08/15 March € 1230.00
23/24 March (Easter) € 1,490.00
27/29 March € 1,350.00
Golden West - USA Tour 9 days / 7 nights April / May / June € 1,445.00 Great travels
Eastern Triangle USA 9 days / 7 nights April / May / June € 1,665.00
Florida Sun 11 / days / 9 nights May 15 12/26 June € 1,780.00
Califonia Dreaming 12 days / 10 nights April / May / June € 1,805.00
Fabulous Far West 15 days / 13 nights April / May / June
*** For information and locations, contact us
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